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Re: Article: Fighting Patterns by "The Mirror"

An important topic - indeed.

But I would watch out for one thing in here: we don't want to let the "new" movement become a pattern either - do we? Like in "from now on we always move this way..."
Why not train in a way that always has us try to feel what's going on in that moment and go with the energy... Basic technique practice has it's place in Aikido training, that's for sure, but it wouldn't be Aikido if it wasn't for the go-with-the-energy... And I am certain that after learning the basic direction of, say, Ikkyo, even beginners can very early on try to do that Ikkyo not against the partners force, i.e. adapt movement.
I let my students practice both ways (besides others) from the very beginning. Maybe that way they are not as solid at repeating a certain "pattern"/basic technique after say one year, versus students in other dojos, but I personally don't care... if you consider that we are in this for the long run anyway.

I completely agree, though, that this breaking away from set patterns is hard to do, and I believe you described well how to go about it... just don't let the new thing become a pattern again.

A side-effect of the above mentioned training is, I believe, the ability of the student to also learn a new movement. Because set patterns are not that burnt-in. I try to learn this constant adapting and being able to do new movements by going to seminars with various teachers as often as time permits (besides the other nice effects this has).

That's what I feel, at least.

Olaf Schubert
Aikido Dojo Rodgau
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