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Re: Powerful

Leon Aman wrote:
I really didn't mean I am not using muscle but less muscle instead, I'm sorry if I didn't clearly explicate it.
Call it a nit-pick and maybe I lost the same point in the long posts but .......

Its not that we should use less muscle (or no muscle) but we should use what we have in a more efficient manner.

For Aikido techniques that involves particular ways of moving and a lot less tension. Smooth and fluid rather than hard and sharp (in most cases).

I like repeating that we all have muscle but in the dojo we train technique. When push comes to shove - we will have both, technique and muscle.

Certain muscles develop during training and a some extra strength and endurance training on the side is a good thing.

An unfit person will never generate powerful Aikido or at least to the level they would if they were.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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