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Dave Organ wrote:
One more thing:
Leon said:
The problem is sometimes I misinterpretedly correcting of using my muscle when I'm doing a technique which I know I am not because I know it and I feel it. I do practice different strenuous exercises so that I cannot exert too much effort on doing any techniques.

Wow - Leon; this is a bit tricky since I'm not entirely sure what you intended to say. But it looks to me like you said you're being corrected for using muscle when you know you're not? If that's the case; boy do I know where you're coming from. This is a place where big guys really need to go slow and look closely; because we're really bad at determining when we're using muscle. We're so used to being strong we use strength by default. There is a big, big difference between using 'no muscle' and using 'less muscle'. I suspect you're using less, not none. The second quoted sentence would seem to back that up.
Hi Dave I am sorry for my response, it is so delayed but thanks for calling my attention with the words I misused. I really didn't mean I am not using muscle but less muscle instead, I'm sorry if I didn't clearly explicate it.

Anyway,I understand that to be very powerful may not be very important in aikido training. What's most important is you know the proper way of executing every technique and by that you can easily neutralize or immobilize your uke without using more muscle nay strength. I have no question with that, but what I meant here is that having that characteristic (of knowing the proper way of doing any technique) plus you are also physically fit, well trained of lifting heavy objects or to bend a solid bar and so on, isn't that less exerting effort than just using the normal strength? like e.g. in doing tenchi nage, instead of using my arm by cutting my uke down in front of me, I simply use my body and shoulder (less arm)as I enter deeply and my uke just somersaults infront of me without exerting too much effort. Or like in doing koshinage isn't this more easier to execute if aside from having an awareness of executing it , you are also trained to lift heavy objects , isn't that effortless to execute such technique? That's only my point here.

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