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Edwin Neal
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Re: Why these techniques?

your ideas are unsound and unsupported by facts... you have not yet provided any serious example of a weapon technique that has been adapted to be applied empty handed... quite the opposite is in fact the view of scholars of the martial arts... empty hand techniques have been adapted to utilize a weapon... you make vaugue and clearly wrong headed assertions, as some sort of aikido dogma, and then when the flaws and fallacies of your cherished 'philosophy' are shown to be untenable you resort to personal attacks rather than address the flaws with sound examples and arguments... you call people inexperienced? this proves your point how? i understand what you are saying, but it simply does not compute!!! the facts, history, and even the very definition of the terms you use are clearly beyond your experience to analyze, and objectively draw conclusions from... why do you cling to this view in the face of the facts... are you getting defensive in order to prevent a shift in YOUR martial arts paradigm???

Edwin Neal

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