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Re: Aikido as Budo

Hear, hear, and here!

Alec, we cannot ever control what others choose to say or do and we can but lead by example. It is not even desirable to control others.

The very nature of the inclusiveness of most Aikido dojo will bring in all sorts of people with conflicting opinions and values.

Even the goal of budo as a cultivation of the spirit is not universally sought. We study violence and violent interactions and we study our emotional and intellectual reactions to these things and we hope that they will cultivate our sense of responsibility, respect, and understanding of the fragility of our existence, and therefore enhance our desire to preserve all existence.

Yet the very nature of studying violence will draw many people who do not seek or have interest in the same thing.

A pure interest in martial effectiveness is common and there will always be an element that enters Aikido searching to perfect their model of the 'perfect fighting machine'. Yet many of the people whom I respect the deepest study Aikido as a way to heal themselves from the killing machines they had become in an earlier life, or to prevent themselves from going down a path of self-destruction.

I, personally, have learned and gained much through my online interactions and would never trade them for the world. It has at times been difficult to not get emotionally drawn into discussions or arguments about aspects of budo, life, or otherwise, but that is the nature of human discourse.

Now, at my current stage of training, much of my interest in participating in discussions is to put ideas forward, develop them, have them challenged, and then to refine and/or even change them. I do get passionately involved, but hopefully not emotionally out of control.

I hope that I offer those who disagree with me the same respect I am frequently offered and would certainly apologize if I did not.

Your post is an excellent reminder to all on the board that Aikido IS Budo, and that Budo begins with respect. Check out this article: Respect and Plastic Figurines

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