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Re: Aikido as Budo

Mark Freeman wrote:
Points taken Ron, one thing I have learned from your post is that the plural of forum is 'fora' I like that alot
In Latin, "forum" is a 2nd declension neuter noun, like "medium" (pl. "media") and "datum" (pl. "data").

I, myself, can't help but agree with Mr. Corper, but I perhaps come at it from a different point of view. The ideals of budo are fine, but it's a truism that the actual samurai and early budoka hardly lived up to those ideals. Likewise in the West, chivalry was a wonderful ideal that had very little to do with the behavior of actual knights. We don't need the "budo" mindset, really; what Alec says is true for every board/forum on the Internet, MA related or not.

The complexities of human nature, why we fight and war, were figured out centuries ago, even millenia ago. And yet we keep repeating the same crap over and over again. The Internet is simply a new shovel. "You gather more flies with honey than vinegar." A simple truth, but irrelevant when some people just seem hardwired to desire conflict. The desire for verbal dominance out weighs the desire for actual persuasion or discussion.

I don't think budo is the only path to self-cultivation. Religion, in its way, also serves this purpose. So does education. But throughout their history all three have proven to be horrible at achieving their goals of resolving man's desire for conflict. Men devoted themselves to the self-cultivation of budo, and set Japan on the road of a devestating war. I don't know really how much we can expect on an Internet forum.

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