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Edwin Neal
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Re: Poll: Is absolutely everyone suited to learn aikido?

thanks for the polls Jun... i amswered YES to all... i was quite surprised that the majority voted NO on the question Is everyone suitable for aikido, although the question was worded absolutely everyone... i still find it to be central to aikido that it is absolutey about 'absolutely everyone, especially those farthest from the path... the ones most in need of unity and harmony rather than excluding these people shouldn't we all have a kind of 'bottisatva' attitude of helping everyone... compassion for all and the sincere desire to help then realize and practice the principles of aikido... wouldn't this lead to more benefit for all?

all or nothing is pretty broad.

i agree this is problematic... as absolute statements usually are...

terry schiavo is in a bed across the bay from me, mainly unresponsive to outside stimuli. not a good candidate for training.

Probably not for your definition/type of training... does this mean she can do no training in any sense of the word... Ibuki is breathing... my take if you're breathing you are doing aikido... one type of training anyway, maybe that is all you can do or ever will do, but this does not make it of no benefit... if you're breathing you are producing CO2 this keeps the planet warm and helps the plants grow this is of benefit to all life... aiki...

Edwin Neal

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