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Re: Tracing my Philippine Aikikai Roots

Reyne Caritativo wrote:
hi there my friend, johnny tenegra sensei and omar kamar sensei are two different persons. .... personally, i haven't met these two senseis but i think they were one of the pioneers of aikido here in the philippines. omar sensei started aikido in the mid or late 60's and tenegra sensei in the early 70's, based on what i've read in old martial magazines.
Thank you for your reply. But I distictly remember one of the blackbelts who assists in the dojo instruction called Johnny Tenegra, more than once, as Omar. And then at one point, I asked this senior student why Sensei Tenegra was called Omar. I got no reply. And from then on, he was called Sensei John or simply John. As opposed to Johnny, since there was another senior (blackbelt) aikidoka whose name was also Johnny.

It is interesting how memory works. I did not remember about (the other) Johnny until now.

Overall, whether John T and Omar are one and the same or not, really does not matter now. I am just taking a walk down memory lane.

It is time to move on now.

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