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Mark Freeman
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Re: Aikido as Budo

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Hi Mark,
I'd have to say that reading other points of view has given me areas to focus on in my practice. Sometimes just to check out the truth of a statement, sometimes because I had ceased to focus on something my teachers had told me, sometimes a totally new perspective, that had benefits when I tried it out on the mat for myself. So I do believe that these fora can provide fodder for our keiko.
They have also provided a way for me to meet people and train with them on the mat. There are several people I have yet to meet that way, but I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity. You are one of them.
Points taken Ron, one thing I have learned from your post is that the plural of forum is 'fora' I like that alot
I also look forward to a possible future practice, and just as much to the beer afterwards


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