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Re: Aikido as Budo

I hope that my post is not misleading. I am not concerned that we might hurt each others feelings. That is a matter of emotional maturity that each individual needs to attend to. After all we get hurt on the mat sometimes, it goes with the territory. What I am asking us all to remember is that Budo is about improving the quality of our lives, and therefore what we bring to the world we live in. Our inner reality is shaped by a thousand small daily actions until eventually the truth of these actions is revealed to us, and anyone close to us. So even something apparently inconsequential, if repeated often enough, becomes, just like faults in our waza, inextricably bound to our character, and as one of my teachers once said, "Easier to fix now, harder later."
Most people will forget the things we say and do, unless they are especially hurtful. We, on the other hand, are preparing ourselves to meet our future self. I'd like to hope that I won't be too disappointed with me. I have enough problems without trying to be morally responsible for others, just me, that was always the deal. Budo is a solitary path that we share with others who also walk it alone.

If your temper rises withdraw your hand, if your hand rises withdraw your temper.
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