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Re: Regrading grabs in Aikido...

Chris Hein wrote:
I think the point you are making about controlling someone else's center through the grab/technique is a great point. In unarmed fighting methods the quickest way to someone's center is to directly contact the center (grabbing or striking the core) however when you have to worry about your opponent stabbing or cutting you, you must control their center through the armed hand you are controlling (because not controlling the armed hand will get you yourself cut or stabbed.).
In general, I agree.. however, and I'm not saying I can do it, I have seen control over center to such a degree that it is immaterial how you are connected, merely that you are unavailable (out of reach) of the weapon.

That would not be my choice, but I've seen it done. In general terms, I don't think the average aikidoka would be very pleased at their abilitiy to handle a truly skilled knife fighter, but for the average idiot who fancies themselves a knife fighter but doesn't really train it in a formal way, they should do ok.


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