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Re: Aikido as Budo

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I don't lose any sleep over it, but I do wonder sometimes about what happens if I meet someone that I ticked off one of these days. It has actually happened...but as in most cases, things look quite different up close and personal. And it's much more fun to train, swap stories, and drink beer than fight.

I can't imagine anyone from these forums wanting to hurt you, Ron. If you do get snarky with someone, it's usually because they said something dumb and they aren't cool enough to just admit they were wrong.

So much can be fixed with a simple apology; I don't know why they aren't utilized more! Egos are running wild, I suppose. I'm glad that there are people that value respect and courtesy so please, folks, don't ever change!

Admittedly, there are some subjects discussed here that are very close to people's hearts. Some people are quick to rail against enemies real or imagined when someone makes a snide remark or sarcastic observation about things they hold dear. We also need to remember that it's not readily apparent what someone's age is when they post, so lets just remember how we used to be. (I was a real jerk when I still had a full head of hair. )

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