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Re: Aikido as Budo

Hi Alec,
If you are one of those who agree, please say so, I know you're out there.
I'll nail my colours to the pole, I'm absolutely with you on this one, great post Alec, and Jorge also.
I sometimes feel slightly 'inadequate' when I see how many arts some are managing to mix with their aikido, then I go to the dojo and practice, and realise that there is no need to, it is a cyber induced anxiety and ultimately 'daft'.
Aikido is enough of a complete mind/body/spirit art to keep me happy for the rest of my active days.
I find the endless discussions about the martial effectiveness of aikido seem to me to be missing the point. It is a practice in and of itself. It is much more than an effective 'fighting' system. I'm not sure I even like writing the term, but it seems that that is how some people view it. Yes, there has to be room for that view, but why confine yourself to just one segment of such a tasty fruit?
If I ever happen to get into a fight at some point I'll find out what happens then, it's not happened in the last 40 or so years, so it is possible that it won't happen in the next 40! So preparing for something that may never happen seems to me to be an anomily.

I do have to admit to chucking in a few throw away lines, where there not needed ( I used to do this as a kid in school and it used to amuse some of the class and annoy the teacher, old habits die hard )

I was on the mat practicing last night, it was a fast paced and focused workout, followed by a trip to our local 'fluid replacement centre' and a pleasant social time. This is what 'floats my boat'.
For all of us, the internet is a chronically defficient replacement for the real stuff of aikido, mat time and putting the priciples into our daily lives. It is however, a great place to realise how large, diverse, and dynamic the world of aikido is, and there 'is' some good reading to be done.
I wonder if anyone has improved their aikido by engaging in a forum discussion?? Not their 'understanding' of aikido as I believe that that is an entirely different thing to their 'practice' of aikido.
The lid is off the box, it cannot be closed, we have to deal with it as it is.
Jorge wrote:
With some failures myself, all one person can do is to really practice Aikido both on and off the mat, be temperate on this forum, always try to respect others, be helpful and leave the games and ego for another place.
that about says it for me too.

Anyway thanks again guy's for the above insights, I will certainly think more about what you've both said.
Computers are very addictive, and many of us are easily 'hooked' by what can be if I could just find that old copy of Tetris, you may not see me for a while.

In the time it has taken me to type this out (I'm quite slow..) Ron has posted and his last sentence:
And it's much more fun to train, swap stories, and drink beer than fight.
seems to sum up my feelings in a nutshell.
Cheers Ron!!


Success is having what you want. Happiness is wanting what you have.
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