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Re: The universe balances out...

From the universe's point of view, there is no negative energy.

Actually, the universe is all about balance: protons and electrons, matter and anti-matter, light (visible) matter and dark (invisible) matter, the polar north and the polar south (of the magnet), all the gravitational pull of the celestial bodies balancing out, and so on.

All energy can't be positive and all energy can't be negative, in order for the energy to flow. It's nothing esoteric actually, just simple physics.

Let me put it differently. An attack on an Aikidoka (or anyone else) is not equivalent to negative energy, and the response of an Aikidoka is not equivalent to positive energy.

"Balance" and "harmony" sound quite nice, but they don't come cheap.

Not quite right. If you do not change it slightly, the threat may remain.

The comment above is true if it was only based on the paragraph commented alone. But it's not finished yet, it corresponds with the next two paragraphs on the previous posting.

The only way I can see that one has to change the course of the threat is that if one is going head to head with the oncoming force.

IME, the most dangerous threats tend to change their own course to meet you. And if you don't match and lead the changes...goodnight.

Instead of trying to put out the fire by water or something else, deprive it of air. Be a lightning rod, if you must, for the lightning.

I decline

Yes it is actually a poor analogy, but it is actually the analogy that just popped into mind using the elements. Just hope that some reader could relate.

I was referring to Ueshiba's quote, not yours.

If a boxer walked in to an Aikido school and said "you gotta fight fire with fire", nearly everyone would hold them in contempt. But change it to "strikes with fire, respond with fire," and it becomes the enlightened teaching of a true master?
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