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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Aikido as Budo

Nice post Alec. I've been posting way too much on these boards for way too long. I finally left RMA many years ago because I outgrew the petty sniping that took place there. When the aikido journal board got kind of lame for the same reasons, I ended up leaving there for a time. Maybe I just need to leave posting period. In spite of the good posts/posters, sometimes the chaff just get's too annoying. Maybe it's just a weakness in my character...

Hang in there...I know how you feel. It's one reason I like boards that require posting under your real name. Without that, there is just too much fiction. At least with a name, there is a modicum of accountabiltity. I don't lose any sleep over it, but I do wonder sometimes about what happens if I meet someone that I ticked off one of these days. It has actually happened...but as in most cases, things look quite different up close and personal. And it's much more fun to train, swap stories, and drink beer than fight.


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