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Balance....... I am extremely lucky to have a spouse that not only understands my desire to train, but when we host seminars, she will take a very active role and either cater food in for lunch breaks, or assist with paperwork. She does this although she has no desire to train! In return though, I ensure she is the center of my attention when I'm not training!
Sometimes I'll take a Saturday off and we'll go sit at the beach and spend some quality time together. Or sometimes we just go do things she really wants to do. I think it's a matter of balance. It's a partnership. Give and take.

Also, I think that sometimes we forget to remind the people backing us how much we appreciate their support and understanding. This includes not only our spouses, but also our instructors, which are willing to take the time out of their lives to share their special gifts with us.

Remember that people will seldom remember what you say or what you do. They will however, always remember how you made them feel!


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