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Re: Perfection of waza

Josh, you learned katakana first?
I did hiragana first. My Japanese studies consist of 2 hours a week at the local city council, and what ever I pick up at home from wife and family.Not intense study.
Yes alot of characters are similar in katakana vs hiragana. Or even in katakana itself eg.
ン and ソ or ツ and シ very similar but different. And on perfectionism katakana and hiragana being a solid foundation, before you move on don`t you agree you should perfect and comprehend these foundations before attempting to tackle more advanced stages? Just an opinion? I know my Japanese skills are poor but they get better everyday, and I am very young I have a lifetime to improve in all aspects of my new lifestyle.I am just happy to be here Thanks everyone for your thoughts "perfection" is a bad word my intention was to say rather "perform with absolute self confidence and knowledge that you have absorbed this level in total".

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