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Re: Perfection of waza

Last night my sensei told me that my ukemi was putting me in a weak position, and i should try to be in control of my posture even when I'm taking ukemi, also that I should be looking for all the places I can reverse the technique. Also nage/tori can't tell what they are doing wrong if I don't do this. I have never heard this before so it was kind of an eye opener. I have mixed feelings today because I never think much about ukemi aside from protecting myself and I know it's going to be a difficult habit to break, at the same time, my sensei almost never says anything so it's nice to finally get some wisdom from him.

on the other hand I practice at another dojo too. the sensei there almost never strays from basic technique and we do work towards perfection of basics. he definitely won't move unless you are doing it right. the first dojo is very fast and like I said sensei never instructs. the second dojo is slow and sensei does a lot of instruction. sometimes I feel like I'm not getting much out of the first, but it's probably necessary. also it's very near my house.
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