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Re: Perfection of waza

Or dojo approaches more of a broad sweep of the basics (for a spell) followed by more advanced applications of those same basic movements.
For instance, first tai-sabaki. Then Ikyo in the basic grabbing forms (katatetori, katatori etc)
Then with motion. Then as henka-waza......finally oyo-waza (all from the ikyo root-technique).

When you then return to doing the basic grabbing attack Ikyo, you will find your mai-ai, your posture, your connection are all considerably improved by applying them in a more advanced form.
Even rank newbies see this jump in comprehension.
Advanced (like henka-waza) won't work without the basic movements being correct.
Sometimes we have approached this *escalation* of technique during a single class period, sometimes over days, but usually it does seem to be a cyclical repetition that re-inforces the core techniques.

And of course, we spend MANY hours introducing the new-comers to Ikyo as well....
Never too much of the basics, since that supports all the rest of your structures, if you will.


Play nice, practice hard, but remember, this is a MARTIAL art!
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