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Following the bouncing ball...

True... it could be the uke's training to avoid being hit in such high impact. But the one that I have felt is not because of the fear of being hit. It's almost like being mesmerized, the next thing I know, I was at the ground.

It was like a magnet, I can't seem to break away. I kept following the bouncing ball. When I did break away, everything was empty, that what caused me to fall.

It is a blending of energy or ki, harmonization, or aiki... believe it or not... I have felt it, it's real.

It's easily applied when the uke is not of one mind and body. The uke mind is easily manipulated and thus the body follows.

But if you are of one mind and body, in other conscious of yourself and your surroundings, and extend ki... this type of throw will become much harder to do.
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