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Dirk Hanss
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Re: Perfection of waza

Mathew McDowell wrote:
Dirk I understand , good points, but you are attacking my form of learning, and yes sensei always knows best, I guess he would like me to push through the ranking system faster, i am not concerned with ranking and believe me the knowledge that I am absorbing is second to none. But I am simply saying, asking how do you approach your aikido. Perfection to me in aikido is just comfort, not actual perfection, that is a bad word. And Roosvelt you are always looking for a bite!.Are you a musician I would be happy to cut throat with you?
I am sorry, if you feel attacked. Yes, I was somewhat ironical, but it was only to highlighht the point, I was to make. As I do not know your skills, I cannot judge.

Regarding your sensei: not every sensei knows the best. But if you do not find a compromise you both can accept, the solution left is to change dojo. And until I know better, I give priority to the sensei. Grading is not only nourishing your ego, but also a chance to measure progress and a chance to get access to higher level training. Maybe there are other motivations of your sensei, but again I cannot judge.

Cheers Dirk
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