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inflexible toes

Ok, this may seem strange but I'm being entirely serious here.

I studied Aikido for a year or so about 10 years or so and it is truly one of the great things I have found in my life. I'm finally getting to a financial position where I can afford to resume and I'm really looking forward to it. Anyway, on to the topic of my post:

My big toes on both left and right foot are VERY inflexible. Does anyone else have this problem? They really just don't bend back very far; maybe 30 degrees back from straight. This makes shikko very difficult and depending on the tatami, I can end up with bruises on the tips of my toes. If I lean back on my feet, I can get them to bend back about 45 degrees, but I've noticed most people's toes bend close to 90 degrees and sometimes more.

I'm pretty sure this is just a genetic thing with my body (my thumbs also have no hook to them whatsoever and I don't know if that's related or not). But I'm wondering how many aikidoists out there have this same problem.

I noticed that if I flex my toes back all the way, I can feel the tendons in the sole of my foot (they stretch from the ball of the foot all the way to the heel) are completely maxed out and very rigid. I know tendons can be stretched, but only to a certain degree. Muscles are much more agreeable, but I'm pretty sure these aren't muscles.

Anyway, anyone else have this problem and does it go away with enough time, work, and patience?
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