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Could be...


From what I understand, the ultimate technique in aikido is not to disrupt the natural order of the universe (be one with the universe). Although this is esoteric in a way, it does make sense in the physiological world.

If there is a hint of force from one, the opposing side will try to negate it by using an equal maybe bigger opposite force, Therefore conflict occurs.

If there's lightning, let it hit the ground. If there's thunder, let the sound disperse through the sky. If there's water, let it flow. If there's fire, let it burn.

But, fire could destroy if not put out. Very true. But what is the best way to put out a fire? No, it's not water. Deprive fire of air and it will be put out. This means a vacuum.

Aikido is actually about neutralization. A person falls or got thrown is actually only a side effect, not the main purpose. Neutralization means putting out the fire or grounding the electricity (thunder).

An aikidoka is that vacuum, that ground, or the ocean that the water will eventually flow into. Dispersing the negative energy into the universe, letting yang meets the ying, so there will be harmony.

As we are all still a beginner in understanding the universe itself, we cannot easily be what was written in the analogy above. So we have to let the fire burn out, let the lightning run its course, and let the water flow as it must. Hence the harder the attack, the harder the attacker falls, because the attacker must flow as the attacker must.
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