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Re: Sunadomari Quote - Opinions Please

David Valadez wrote:
These positions all make sense.

However, what if we forget for the moment any notions of Aikido's larger purpose and/or on the martial viability of tenkan, what if we just look at the notion of evolution. How about from that point of view - how does this quote work out? Does Aikido have a sense of evolution, can it, should it, etc.? Or is all Aikido variation a matter of adaptation only? Does Aikido only add things? Should it never drop things? Etc.

Thanks for the replies.
As there is no institution that holds the trademark, every single person can do what they want and call it aikido - maybe unfortunately. But they can add and drop whatever they want.

But demanding that aikido - in general - should add or drop anything is cocksure. Each one can do what he/she wants and if it gets commonly used, it is fine.

Nevertheless each single person's aikido is different and each one has to develop his/her own aikido - after having learnt the principles.

I appreciate that there are guys like you out there, who challenge aikido's effectiveness, as it is a "martial" way.
But training for championate is totally different from searching harmony with the universe.

As I am just a lower student, I just give an easy and naive example:
Whatever we study, we train both sides alternately as well as irimi tenkan. And if I lack skills in one i train this one even more. If I was to go for championship, I would try to improve the most effective type, e.g. mostly right hand tirimi. I'ld try to be so good that I can do it in most situation as effective as possible and everything else is only good enough to ensure, that nobody can rely on what I might do. It is not really like that, but most judoka, karateka, boxers have a small set of techniques, which they really win their matches with.
The same is true for pure self defense or battle fighting (maybe old fashioned battles only). If you have a chance to train only one technique and in 99% of the cases you kill your opponent or you train 10 techniques and they work in 80% of the cases and in the remaining cases the opponent has a chance for a countertechnique, what would you choose?

But I train both sides. In the same time of training I am surely not good enough to win against someone, who trains applied fighting, but I do not care. Fortunately in my world I can choose, if there is a need to go into a fight or if I can look for other solutions. So I only fight, when fighting seems to be the better solution and I think my chances are good enough. Yes my fighting skills have to be effective, I would not train dancing only, but if my sensei tells me my moves are not good enough, I train the moves like dancing, and if the technique fails, I feel annoyed in that moment, but I know, that I just have to train harder - to move myself, to feel reaction, to stay stable, or whatever. Even to forget about the goal of victory.

Regards Dirk
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