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Re: Sunadomari Quote - Opinions Please

Sunadomari wrote:
"In the past we used the tenkan body turning method in order to move our bodies. But to my way of thinking, this is meaningless. Even though this may be acceptable as a training method, it is meaningless in this age of speed. It won't work to use the methods of the past in this age of boxing and kick boxing. You must study what kinds of changes must be made. I had a long time to study these changes."
Didn't read the whole thread because lack of time, but my initial reaction was:
I try to use tenkan as a way to move my partner's body. And for that to happen my body needs to move. When an attack comes, I have four options: irimi, tenkan, kaiten and evade. The tenkan and the evasion-that-looks-like-a-tenkan are two different things to me. The first one is the basis for an aikido technique, the second one can be used as a set-up to a technique.

About using tenkan against fas attacks and the nature of evolution in aikido, I'll need some time to ponder.
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