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Re: Why these techniques?

Edwin Neal wrote:
something like "aikido is based on a weapon based art and here is a link to a site, article, column that has documentation, shows clearly the influence of this weapon based art, or Osensei says, and a quote that supports this line of reasoning etc... how about something like that... just tell me how you arrived at the conclusion that aikido is based upon a weapon art that has been adapted for empty hand application... IF your conclusion is correct, then a whole lot of people of some noteworthiness in the aikido world have been really confused for a long time...
You don't have a dojo? so how is it that you study aikido? with whom have you studied? for how long? as these things are not in your profile any statements you make are viewed with some skepticism...

Edwin, I'm really starting to doubt if you have ever read anything about Aikido, the founder, or Japanese history......

I think Meynard has probably forgotten more about martial arts then you have ever learned. He has studied with some of the best martial artists alive.

-Chris Hein
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