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Re: Why these techniques?

Nope, I'm still not getting any factual evidence other than anecdotal statements to the effect that aikido is based on weapons or is rooted in the use of weapons. What documentary proof do you have that aikido is based on weapons or that the empty handed forms are derived from weapons movement?

And, no, you showing me is not factual proof. That you can demonstrate the nexus between weapons use and empty handed forms, I do not doubt. Heck, I've done arnis and karate and I can also show you how empty handed movement transposes to weapons movement and vice versa, but there is a big difference in making a statement to the effect that arnis (or karate) is a weapons based art, as opposed to saying that arnis (or karate) can be applied with or without weapons.

Unfortunately, I think you're missing the point. If you so boldly state that an art is based on, rooted in the use of, or derived from a weapons system, then where is the factual evidence and documented proof of such statement. Nowhere have I read that it is. Prove me otherwise.

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