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Michael O'Brien
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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

Kristian Miller-Karlsen wrote:

My name is Kristian. I spelled your name correctly. Please return the favor.

Yes, this topic has drifted hasn't it. Very good. I did try to keep it on track at first but now it seems that there is an awful lot to discuss. It would be un-natural to keep this topic railroaded. But yes, please stick to my initial post too if you wish.

I'm also glad you have the gumption to stick to your guns Michael. Good for you. I'm sure that given the opportunity to sit down face to face and have a discussion we would get on very well indeed. No preaching required.

Thanks again.

My apologies for mispelling your name; typos do happen occasionally and I assure you it wasn't on purpose.

I have no problems with the topic drifting, the discussion is definitely interesting even with the drift.

I merely steered it back in this direction because in your previous post you had made a reference back to your original post.

Should the opportunity ever present itself I think it would be great to be able to sit down and talk face to face and perhaps even get some training time in as well.

I love talking with and training with different people all the time. With new people come new ideas and new perspectives.

Harmony does not mean that there are no conflicts,
for the dynamic spiral of existence embraces both extremes.
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