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Tracing my Philippine Aikikai Roots


I was a student of Johnny Tenegra in the early 80's at the 2nd Floor dojo in Manila. I vaguely remember where the exact street is, but I am sure that it was close to Rizal Ave in downtown Manila.

I got my 6th kyu and stopped when life became a little complicated and busy.

Now, I am planning to get back to the mat again at New Jersey, USA.

As I mentioned in my Intro, I am now looking at Aikido with a different mindset. I now see it as a spiritual practice; and not just another martial arts or physical exercise. Reading back the old and new reference books that I have, I begin to recognize its language that once was inscrutable. (I currently invovled in the study and personal application of Buddhism/Taoism/Confucianism.)

But, before I even step into a dojo, I am researching and (re)learning as much as I can about the roots Aikido and I want to make sure that I have the proper (no-)mind set.

As I go down memory lane, and search the net for my old roots, I don't see much mention of Johnny Tenegra's name except for two websites -- a dojo website in the Philippines (which I cannot recall at this time, I lost the URL) and APOI CHIN WU ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OF JORDAN (

Is Johnny Tenegra Manuel "Omar" Camar one and the same person? I really want to get to the bottom of this.

Much thanks to Philippine aikidokas who would like to reply and shed light to my little dilemma.

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