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"no touch" throw????

I think the no touch throw is almost like a faith. I wouldn't attempt it because I have no chance of pulling it off. I have never seen my sempai attempt it and i have never seen my Sensei attempt it. The only time I have seen it in action is from footage of O Sensei. I'm not certain about the 'taking the fall' theory because I've had my Sensei perform some serious Irimi Nage on me and there was touching involved, mainly me gripping on for dear life. I've also seen some of my sempai do ukemi for a 7th dan in some brutal Irimi Nages and again there was touching. That's why I believe there is a bit of faith required. The only "true" no touch throw I've seen is from footage of O Sensei, whether you believe it or not is up to the individual. I'm a believer.
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