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Re: Sunadomari Quote - Opinions Please

Dan Hover wrote:
True everything does have some sort of need to evolve, but if that was really true, coming down to street effectiveness, then wouldn't we all essentially then come up with the exact same art at some point in time? A sort of Budo Darwinism, that would quickly render arts like Tai chi extinct, as well as most Koryu?
Very interesting theory, and in and of itself, I could see it being technically accurate.

The arts won't all evolve into one identical fighting art though due to factors such as "My Sensei taught TKD this way so I'll teach it this way" or "JKD is the only 'true' art out there so I'll only study that" or "I don't want to actually hurt anybody so I'll study Aikido" etc.

Please note that the arts chosen for the above examples are just examples and not a dig at any given art.

Simply, people train for different reasons and different goals so there will always be arts kept alive or invented/adapted to meet those goals and fulfill those needs.

Or at least that's my opinion.

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