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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

Kristian Miller-Karlsen wrote:
Let me try and explain TFT. Put simply it is a method of selecting specific targets on the human body, and by striking them in specific ways, elicit a specific trauma/ spinal reflex in response. Essentially this means that you can hit a target and get a base minimum response/spinal reflex from the person you hit 100% of the time.
It seems to me that the supporters of TFT are drifting from their own topic as I understand it. We are talking about criminals in prisons, moms, etc now and the violence and reactions to it.

I re-quoted the ORIGINAL message for Kristen again and stand by my post several posts back in reference to your own quote of this style. We aren't talking about violence about, we are talking about PRECISION STRIKING in a combat/violent situation with at least 1 or multiple attackers out to kill you.

In that situation, in my opinion, no one is going to land EVERY strike exactly where they want it. If you are well trained in TFT then yes, you have a good chance of landing a shot to a critical zone and ending the conflict. But like everything else, don't preach that when I'm attacked it's going to be this "1 strike bad guy fall down hype" either.

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