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Nick Pagnucco
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Re: Sunadomari Quote - Opinions Please

David Valadez wrote:
These positions all make sense.

However, what if we forget for the moment any notions of Aikido's larger purpose and/or on the martial viability of tenkan, what if we just look at the notion of evolution. How about from that point of view - how does this quote work out? Does Aikido have a sense of evolution, can it, should it, etc.? Or is all Aikido variation a matter of adaptation only? Does Aikido only add things? Should it never drop things? Etc.

Thanks for the replies.
I suspect you're doing this intentionally (which I mean as a compliment ), but evolution is a pretty tricky word, as it not only denotes change, but also puts a positive evaluative spin on it. So, your question is about can aikido be improved upon.

from what little I know (and trust me, its little), I dont see much of a narrative of evolution within aikido. There is the central figure of O-Sensei, and then various senior students and uchi-deshi, and then everyone else, in that order. IIRC, I've seen Nishio Sensei talk about what aikido must become in the 'modern world of martial arts', but he didn't go into too much detail other than showing some variation of some technique. So, no... as a general rule, I do not think that aikido has much of a sense of its own evolution. Perhaps some particular practitioners do, but who knows how much they actually 'get it'. Additionally, evolution can go in many different directions. Aikido evolving towards being more 'street effective', more 'spiritual', etc.

I cant access the article by Sunadomari at the moment, so I wont try and guess how much he's talking about aikido evolving, and in what direction. If he's saying is that there are certain attacks where other forms of movement other than a tenkan would be best... well, thats not a HUGE change, assuming fundamental principles (blending, breath power, etc.) remain the same.
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