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Re: Regrading grabs in Aikido...

Chris Hein wrote:
In my fight yes it did go to grappling, as I believe 90% of fights will if there is not a knock out, a loss of heart, or a death.
I personally believe that this is a fallacy... basically marketing speak from the BJJ crowd.

In my immediate recollection of 5 actual street fights I, as a young foolish person, was personally involved in when growing up in Texas and North Africa only once did any of the fights go to the ground. In a different one, I was knocked down and my opponent watched me get up rather attack me on the ground.

Anecdotally speaking, of course.... but that's only 20% of the fights in my immediate memory. I can think about many more fights I either witnessed or was involved in, but I know that the only other ground fighting I've ever done has been while training or engaged in various sports activities.

To the point of the rest of this thread.

When practicing kihon waza, it is my belief that we are training fundamental principles. Move the grab from wrists to elbows to shoulder to neck to hair or what have you, the ingrained principles are the same and what you need to do to make the technique 'work' should be pretty much the same.

David, while it is unusual terminology, I have heard the phrase energy print used before as an attempt to explain the learning of principles, usually in academic circles.

I also happen to believe that Aikido IS simple. Not easy, but simple, and that being human, we often make such things much more complex than need to be in our attempt to understand depth and difficulty.



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