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Re: Regrading grabs in Aikido...

"Do you have any comments on those points made regarding your view of Aikido and it being a weapon art only? Or at least, could you answer and let us know how many times you grab the wrist of one of the Dog Brothers during your match? I don't think me raising those points and/or asking these questions is me suggesting I am more qualified than you to tell you what your Aikido should be - they are just questions, part of a discussion. In the end, our opinions are meaningless here."

Admittedly in my dog brothers fight, I did not grab the wrist, I how ever did grab the weapon, an option I would not have had if the weapon was bladed.
In a fight you have two option if your going to grab your attacker, you can grab an appendage, or the core of the body, in an unarmed fight the choice is clear, you should grab the core of the body, you will have more control over your opponent and it will enable you to do more with him. However in an armed fight going for the core of a persons body and neglecting his weapon hand is a very good way to get yourself cut or stabbed. Neglecting a knock out you cannot (in an armed fight) go for a mans core and disregard his hands without expecting to be cut, stabed, or shot.
Now if I was fighting a guy with a bladed weapon, I would not have been able to grab his weapon, and I would have had to grab his wrist. In my fight yes it did go to grappling, as I believe 90% of fights will if there is not a knock out, a loss of heart, or a death.

There was another thread on here discussing how dangerous it is to use a weapon in a real fight, when someone can take that weapon away from you, Aikido is a system that teaches you to keep your weapon, and stay in position to use it again.

-Chris Hein
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