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Re: Aikido is only as good as the person...

It just gets to me because for one, a have a moral issue, that is i respect any man or women who is of higher rank then me, so i cant say anything. And i feel when i talk about an issue such as this i could be insulting the teacher that taught the individual. I have much love for martail arts and not just the ones that i am in. Its never my intent to offend someone so i always keep my mouth shut.
But lately i have been seing things going on in dojos that i dont like and just trying to understand why. Which brings me to a unanswered question. why does this happen, and i think i know the answer now. I think we are al fortunate, every one on this site, to have been given this gift they call Aikido and just wish others would feel the same way. You all have good points.
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