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I took a tour on your aikiod-site and I think you are on the right path. I do however have a few suggestions:

1. Let's have some more comments on the pictures. Some of them have nice explanations, but some of them stand all by them self which renders them a little less interesting.

2. I can't seem to be able to get the enlarged version of the pictures - not even using your suggested method. (I'm using a PC with NT and MS Internet Explorer 5.5)

3. Personally I would loose the flaming letters - but that's a matter of my subjectively opinion and taste.

4. Why not include a membersection with pictures and stats on all club members - well at least those who can be considered as steady members.

5. You could include directions to the dojo, and information about who to contact for a trail-lesson or a visit.

I hope some of this can give you some inspiration - and I hope you will have fun expanding your site.

Best regards

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

Inspiration - Aspiration - Perspiration
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