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Re: Sunadomari Quote - Opinions Please

David Valadez wrote:
Hi All,

Came across this quote by Sunadomari, was wondering what others thought about it. He says:

"In the past we used the tenkan body turning method in order to move our bodies. But to my way of thinking, this is meaningless. Even though this may be acceptable as a training method, it is meaningless in this age of speed. It won't work to use the methods of the past in this age of boxing and kick boxing. You must study what kinds of changes must be made. I had a long time to study these changes."

The quote was taken from the Interview Part I over at

Hi David,
it is all the same. The argument is really convincible, but if you want to adopt modern speed - modern boxining and kick-boxing is not faster than traditional karate, boxing, wushu, etc. - we have to include machine guns and infrared led rockets in our daily training. Hand grenades and nuclear bombs are not really fast nor modern, but they are a real challenge.

Nothing against including serious attacks in high level trainings, from whatever style you can take it. But demanding that all aikidoka should train that is misleading as aikido is in the first place a search for truth.

And arguing that tenkan is not helping against kickboxers is totally nonsense. I have seen tenkan in boxing and mma fights - although not in kihon waza style but that is true even for oi-tsuki in karate and if you train only stuff effective against (kick-)boxers, you will loose the first fight against BJJ. And now let us start again one of the 100 000 threads "how good is aikido against ..."

Best Dirk
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