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Re: Sunadomari Quote - Opinions Please

Dave this goes back to my earlier thread about changing protical to meet todays standerds. My point was everythingUeshiba taught was defense against any and all atacks. I am sure that back then there were kickers and punchers and just werent named kick boxers. To me when we start to change the way of doing things, we then beging to change the integrady of the martail art itself. It seems like a lot of people are forgetting alot of techniques thata Ueshiba was teaching. For example we only study the art of sword to keep it alive, we will never meet a nother swordsman in battle. So why not look at techniques the same way.
For instance I also study Taekwondo ITF stlye. I went to a WTF style school to enter a tournament. They said i couldnt join. Then i asked what the real difference was and i was imformed that some of the WTF schools were no longer studying kata's, or forums.
Now how can you possibly advance wothout doing the traditional forums.
Hopefully you see what i am getting at.
Back to your question, I dont think anything should be left behind just because it may or may not be applicable.
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