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John Brockington
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Re: Healing shoulder

I'm sorry to hear about your injury, especially at a time when you're going to be travelling. I've separated each AC joint, and neither was very pleasant. Brace and NSAIDs are ok, but there's no "magic bullet" for healing the joint. You can have it repaired surgically, which will restore range of motion back to normal, but healing from surgery will take around 4 to 6 months. You can just let it heal without surgery, which takes about 6 weeks, and will have a prominent lump there because it will most likely not heal symmetrically or smoothly, and possibly some loss of range of motion (although I haven't noticed this much). If your occupation requires normal range of motion, you may want to go through the surgery. Avoid holding weights (like heavy luggage or gear) in the hand on the side of the separation, as this further separates the joint. If you can manage it, train only with the noninjured side. Not much you can do about the sleep problem which I suspect you're experiencing. If pain persists, you can have corticosteroids injected into the joint by a sports medicine physician. Welcome to the club!

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