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Re: small circle?

I have a very little direct and some indirect experience with Small Circle Jujitsu. I met Wally Jay about eight years ago at a joint seminar he did with Remy Presas. The thing you notice is the total control he has over his uke from the moment he gains contact. He loves to demonstrate transitions from one lock to another, with many finger and small joint controls. From the seminar he taught, I did not see as much focus on dynamic blending, or how to make initial contact with a dynamic attack. But again, I am really not that knowledgeable about this art. The "Ten Principles" of Small Circle ( incorporate many thing we Aikidoka already do.

After Remy Presas and Wally Jay started working together closely, much of the joint work in Modern Arnis was taken from or heavily influenced by Small Circle. This is where I got most of my experience in it. I will say that the emphasis on creating a base, simultaneous push-pull motion, complex torque, etc., made my nikkyo, sankyo and yubi dori impressively painful to some of the other students when I first started Aikido. It seems that Small Circle could be studied as its own art, or it could be used to enhance your Aikido. I do recommend a seminar if you can find one.


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