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Re: Regrading grabs in Aikido...

Chris Hein wrote:
I think it's very strange that you believe dojo time is more important then actual fighting time, in short I don't' think you are qualified to tell me what Aikido is, or is not.
The reason I put spontaneous sparring sessions and/or sporting events under the category of training time should be obvious. The reason I put more emphasis on training time over street time is because street time requires much less skill of us - because of the quality of the "opponent."

I don't think I'm trying to tell you what Aikido is as much as participate in a discussion over what Aikido may be to each of us. My first point is to allow myself, and you as well, of course, a right to an opinion. I choose to respect your right to an opinion by offering a reply worthy of its consideration - which is quite different from be bothered by someone else thinking about Aikido differently than oneself and/or writing in just to tell someone to stop writing, etc.

There were many chances for you to reply here and to stay on topic or at least to stay in the forum format. We don't have to talk about who is qualified and/or not once we agree that everyone can and should have an opinion here.

Do you have any comments on those points made regarding your view of Aikido and it being a weapon art only? Or at least, could you answer and let us know how many times you grab the wrist of one of the Dog Brothers during your match? I don't think me raising those points and/or asking these questions is me suggesting I am more qualified than you to tell you what your Aikido should be - they are just questions, part of a discussion. In the end, our opinions are meaningless here.


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