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Dirk Hanss
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Re: Aikido is only as good as the person...

Don't blame your great masters. Some might have become sloppy, some just discovered that you need a strong hara for good budo . No, really, if you are getting older, you cannot do all the stuff, you did as young boy. And using experience you do not need to jump and do high kicks like a movie star. And you have to take care for your health. Maybe it is fine for you, as the pain is only after practice, and probably the very next day you are well again. But there is a time you have to slow down. That does not mean that you have to grow fat though.

And there are also big aikido masters (male and female) out there. If you meat them on the street you would not believe, they are doing any kind of sports. But they have their dojo, they are invited to head seminars. Probably they do not take very much ukemi any longer, and if they can roll like a ball.

I like your attitude and probably you are right on those "masters", just be careful in judging others. Maybe you are just watching from the wrong standpoint.

regards Dirk
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