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Re: What's the Irish situation?

I've heard of John Rogers, He's supposed to be really good from what i've heard, but a bit of a maniac... So i was thinking of going there when i get back. He looks to have clubs all over the country actually so seams to be the one to go for. Thanks Daren.

It's a shame Irie Sensei won't be around longer i'm actually gonna be home this weekend but probly won't have time to go and train. Oh well maybe next time.

Yeah, em Ian i dunno about Ireland being less general i think people here are a bit calmer, but maybe Dublin is not the norm for the rest of the country, and i guess maybe quiet li'l Durham is not the norm either. I don't ever feel scared here but i often do at home, I think there's a very different energy here to at home and it can be very oppressive. It stifels people, well me anyway sometimes. It's old and heavy. Here seams lighter and easier somehow. I deffinitly wouldn't say it's less voilent.

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