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Re: Aikido is only as good as the person...

Yeh i m glad that i found a school where everyone wants to train. We have the same problem in taekwondo with our 3rd to 7th dgree masters letiing themselves go. they grow a huge belly, stop training and tend to focus more on the fact that they are the rank the are. I just dont get it. I have been in taekwondo four 12 years al together. Now i havent stayed the whole time and i have been a blue for 5 years and it doesnt bother me. what does is the fact that i can barely walk after practice in both aikido and taekwondo, its my ancles, they have gotten bad, realy bad. But i refuse to quit. Infact the other night i was thinking about resigning from my taekwondo class. But i couldnt do it. This is the atitude that I feel is neccesary in training.
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