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Edwin Neal
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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

i still am very skeptical, i won't put it in the same category as George Dillman/bullshido... i believe it is sound in some ways, but not new or revolutionary... the reason a few here seem to really 'get it' is because it is slick... it has enough 'truth' mixed in with the marketing to sell it... thus it resonates or rings true... most of the 'philosophy' is old hat for martial arts in general... see the first post the Osensei quote that started it all... then read the black belt article on the website... but more LOOK at the pictures... see the 'aikido' techniques... see how 'wrong' they are done/applied... particulary in the fourth page picture... how many distinct mistakes can you pick out of his 'ikkyo'? i was tempted to really go for it and give a very long and detailed critique of this, but i will try to restrain myself... let's be clear i believe you can learn some useful things from it in a short 'seminar', but nothing 'new'... for me certainly nothing i have not learned in my experience in martial arts and life, and better from some of my sensei's... my last point (for now) is how it lacks a coherent idea of defense... to use the sword analogy the first to cut wins... it is fine to sharpen your sword, but one must protect oneself or you will not be able to attack... the concept of blocks as a waste is flawed... every block is a strike, and every strike is a block is an old martial arts maxim... self defense is first about protecting yourself, that means not being injured... not just hoping that you can injure your attacker first and severely enough to protect yourself... you need a shield, too...

Edwin Neal

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