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mike valentine
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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

Hey guys,

Haven't read yet anywhere on this forum or others that suggests that TFT is the be all and end all of martial arts,however i'm sure it has been pointed out that it is effective,maybe another tool in your arsenal which could save your life.Hell i've been involved in alot more than one bad situation,some lasting less than 3 hits and 1.5secs. some much longer and drawn out,but the same reality remains,the one who causes the first real injury usually wins.

Let's get one thing straight,the majority of people who train in MA don't do so to learn about real violence,they do so for competition,spirital reasons,fitness etc.Those things mean "Jack Shit" when confronted by a asocial menace.The most successful uses of REAL violence fill our prisons.The vast majority of these people have had zero MA training.So could i train someone with no experience to defeat a blackbelt in a month,well for a competition i would hope definately not,but for the real world,where there are no rules hell yeah.Do you honestly believe our fighting elite,be it Navy SEALS,SAS,Spetznaz,DELTA Force and so on train in hand to hand combat to blackbelt level,no they learn what works,how it works and what is most useful in a very short time frame.

Mike, as for the rape/mugged victoms you illustrated i couldn't agree more that you don't need to study TFT to poke out an eye,rip off an ear etc just the same as you don't need to be proficient in boxing to throw a punch but knowing how to do it properly takes alot of guess work out of the equation.

Just to reiterate some things i've discussed in this and previous posts,competition has absolutely nothing to do with violence.Violence is about destruction,period.

Jorx,i'm sure in a competitive enviroment my beautiful wife would be no match for you but in a real life situation you should never underestimate a truelly determined foe.Hell lose the googles,gloves,groin protection etc and i'll lie on my back,let you straddle me and simulate a rape,with very little strength i'll be the one LOL,you my friend will be seeking an E.R.In real violence THERE ARE NO RULES get it.That means no tapouts,submissions or count outs,just life and death.Untill you get your head around this concept you won't fully comprehend what TFT is about,so maybe your uninformed biased opions on the subject would best be kept to yourself.I could and should go on but can't be bothered.

Does TFT work,yes,i've used it.Will it save you every time,no,a bat to the back of the head will beat any system.Will TFT add another arrow to your quiver ofcourse and in doing so could just save your life.In a REAL confrontation there are no escapes,no rules or's you against them and it will get ugly,extra knowledge may get you home alive.

Hopefully this will hep some of you guys get it,if not your loss.


Mike V
Ps there are no light strikes or death touches,just full penetration and total commitment to the job at hand
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