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Re: small circle?

A medical doctor wrote a book explaining how the knock outs work using modern medicine. Most are caused by a vaso-vagal faint-ie., a rapid drop in blood pressure. The word knock out to me is somewhat of a misnomer anyway. Generally you don't go totally out but are "buzzed" -like headed and uncoordinated. I personally have been buzzed and not by hard strikes. I was a non believer and the class instructor used me as an example-he hit me pretty hard but I did not feel the same effect (other than pain) as I did when a friend hit the same points with less force. It took me a bit to clear my head.

The problem I see with the pressure point strikes, which I pointed out in my Black Belt magazine article on atemi-waza in aikido, is that they do not seem to work on everyone. So setting out to rely on a knock out is unrealistic and dangerous. It is also dangerous to try knocking people out without knowing their medical conditions-a problem I have with Dillman's demonstrations. Someone with a heart problem or other health problem might not survive the demo. Training to strike them is a combat situation could be a very difficult task. Much harder than having someone stand in front of you and letting you hit them.

By the way, I have accidently "buzzed" some of my students by striking a couple of pressure points while demonstrating a technique and the hitting the 3rd lightly-it was not intended as an attempt to do it but I was later told by the students that I had buzzed them.

As for Wally Jay, I don't know his ranking background but he is well respected and has been around for a lot of years. I don't think he falls in the category of the sokey dokey organizations giving out high ranks to whomever pays their fees.
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