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Mike Pabst
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Re: small circle?

Daniel Chong wrote:
I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with small circle jujitsu. I am curious as to its effectiveness, quality and relation, if any to aikido, as well as any other info anyone can provide.

I have been honored to train with Wally Jay many times in my past and his techniquers are very useful to any serious martial artist. The problem for most people is the same for all martial arts as best as I can tell. I see it and I feel it but, how do I get the attacker in position so I can actually use the technique. And, as always... practice, practice, practice. Sounds a little like Aikido.

I love it all. Wally Jay has attributed much of his success with developing Small Circle Ju Jitsu to his background in Judo. He's trained with everyone imagineable and he's never held back sharing. It's a new age with newer people and I've not met his son Leon as of yet but, I'll bet it's still worth your time to find out more about Small Circle Ju Jitsu.

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Mike Pabst
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