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Re: The Nage/Uke Dynamic - Guidelines

David Valadez wrote:
Hi Mark,

If one looks at how Onisaburo used it in his mentoring of Osensei - one can get a pretty good idea of what I was trying to get at. In short, here, I would say that a whole different kind of authority and power comes to us through the presence of true humility. With humility comes a whole other way of relating to some very important aspects of our training - from taking ukemi to exhibiting takemusu aiki, etc. Traditionally speaking, one of the most common ways of producing humility is through the practice of servitude - the practice of serving others, serving others first, etc. With this in mind, I was trying to suggest that if one really wanted to do away with transmission paradigms that are problematic (as was being discussed in the thread), one would make humility and the practice of servitude a huge part of any new transmission paradigm that was designed to replace the former problematic ones.

It is a matter of truly putting the spiritual practice of "he who is first is last, and he who is last is first" into place.

Thanks Mark,

thanks for that clarification, I and my grey matter appreciate it.


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